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Elementary School Teacher


Much of my advocacy clientele comes from person- to- person referrals. Therefore, this is a testimony within itself. If you came by this website on your own, you may appreciate reading several testimonials to reassure you that ABC Advocacy is really about how Advocacy Brings Change.


"We appreciate all your help and expertise in getting my son what he needs to reach his potential. Without your support, this would never had happened! Thank you!"


"Your commitment to work with families is evident in the time and investment you give. We know how much you really understand our daughter’s needs by the way you talked today at her PPT. You asked the right questions and you asserted yourself politely when necessary. Thank you so much for being on our team!"


"Without your support, my son would not be where he is today. Your help at the PPTs and taking us through the mediation process was a life-changing event. We will always be grateful to you and know that you will continue to help others which makes everything so worth while."

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