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Mother and Son

Our Services

ABC Advocacy provides a collaborative approach to support families with children who have special learning needs across the State of CT.

ABC Advocacy will empower families to work collaboratively with schools and teams in order to develop a plan that accommodates your child’s unique needs.  The experience of navigating through special education processes and procedures can be overwhelming and time consuming.  ABC Advocacy will guide you through every step of the process to ensure your understanding of your child’s educational rights and what options there are to explore. 


ABC Advocacy can and will make a difference in your child’s learning and progress!

  • Comprehensive file and educational review

  • Preparation for PPTs, 504 meetings and other school meetings

  • Parent coaching to prepare for PPTs or 504 meetings

  • Participation at PPTs and 504 meetings

  • Review of the IEP document to suggest revisions and/or additions to programming.

  • Review of IEP goals and objectives and to ensure IEP goals are measurable

  • Provide recommendations for progress monitoring and timelines for assessments

  • Provide recommendations for data team meetings

  • Assistance for initial or re-evaluation planning

  • Assistance with school communications

  • Referrals and consults with treating professionals

  • Support with mediation with school districts

  • Support with private special education school placements

  • Transition planning for college or post-secondary education

  • Referrals for legal representation

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