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About Me

I have been involved in special education throughout my adult life. Upon college graduation from the University of Connecticut, I entered the teaching profession as a special education teacher. My teaching background extends from primary level to high school grade levels. I graduated with a sixth- year degree in Leadership and School Administration, Magna Cum Laude, from Southern Connecticut State University. Graduate school enabled me to continue my commitment in education at the administrative level when I became the Coordinator of Special Education as well as Interim-Director of Pupil Services in public school education. My role as a district administrator provided extensive opportunities to work across all levels of education from pre-school to high school. I became immersed into the daily routines of the school day, participated and facilitated PPT and 504 meetings and was committed to building communication between staff and families. I took on many initiatives and challenges as an administrator, but one that I am especially proud of is my work in developing a pre-school program for students on the autism spectrum.


My background as an educator and administrator in special education brings a unique perspective and skill set to advocacy. I take pride in my work with families in working to support them through navigating the special education process. Through a collaborative approach, I strive to maintain and build an atmosphere of mutual and respectful communication between families and schools.


As a member of the Council of Parent Attorneys and Advocates, I am able to network with other professionals in the field and maintain current information from the State Department of Education as well as other community and local agencies. I am an advocate for the Special Education Legal Fund Advocate Support Program, a non-profit advocacy agency. I am also actively engaged in workshops, round-table discussions and panels across the State of Connecticut. I make myself available to participate in community and state-wide discussions focused on empowering parents and guardians to become the most effective advocate for their own child.

I reside in Guilford, CT with my husband and am the proud parent of two adult children and adore my four grandchildren.

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